Friday, 23 May 2014

Tommy Zoom: Keith Wickham

My toddler adores Tommy Zoom, and to be truthful, so do I.  It's all about saving the planet but the saving is done from an eco perspective.  Polluto, voiced by the flipping marvelous Keith Wickham, is the super-villain / personification of planetary pollution. Polluto has the customary side-kick cat - think James Bond villains.  Tommy Zoom is part live action and part animation.  The animation bit is where Tommy saves the planet.  There is sub-text and I like kids TV programmes that have sub-text.

In my view, Keith Wickham is absolutely fantastic.  I laugh, I laugh often and I've seen some episodes of Tommy Zoom 30 or 40 times.  My toddler laughs too but at totally different aspects of humour.  Keith makes Tommy Zoom watchable for adults.  Lets face it, some kids TV can be hell on earth but Tommy Zoom is really rather good.

Thank you Keith Wickham.  You are fab. 


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