Friday, 30 May 2014

Dental progress

I dread the dentist. I find the very thought of going totally terrifying. The actual experience of being there does very little to relieve my fears.  I detest the dentist and it has ALWAYS been that way.  

The unreachable perfect smile
I realise that I'm not alone in this. Many people will go to great lengths to avoid dental treatment - such as regularly flossing, brushing and swilling with mouthwash or suffer horrific dental hygiene so to avoid the dentist indefinitely.  I fall roughly into the second group of people.  I dabble with regular visits but it never lasts.  I'm a dentist avoider, or rather I was.  

What I imagine the dentist is doing - yikes!
I have a daughter.  Her teeth matter to me.  I can't avoid the dentist. I have to take her precious teeth for regular check-ups.  Thus I am suddenly a dentist embracer.  Or something. 
So today, I visited the dentist and I was amazed to spend very little money.  Moreover, and, here's the clincher, the dental prod-pokeathon was fairly stress-free. The injections didn't hurt.  There was much vibrating and hoovering around my mouth but it really was okay.  

The dentist himself, contrary to practically all previous experience with his contemporaries, was so considerate and empathetic. He continually checked on my well-being. If it wasn't for all the scraping and oral hoovering, I would go as far as to say that I'd look forward to my next appointment (which incredibly isn't until November).  

I'm sooooo impressed by my new dentist that I've just brushed my teeth in celebration.  This will be my second brush of the day so far! 


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