Sunday, 25 May 2014

Hair dye day: operation hair art

Today is hair dye day.  This is not a thing.  It's not international or even national, it's local, local to me.  So local, in fact, it's just me.  Today is the day I have decided to dye my hair again.  Currently it is blonde, murky brown and murky green.  Not the sort of look I was hoping for. By tonight, exact time as yet unknown, it should be pink, purple, blue, green, murky brown and blonde.  The actual outcome is mostly down to chance rather than skill.  It will be haphazard and I like it that way.  Just as well because I'm pretty useless at creating posh hair.  

I will attempt to take a selfie of my hair and place said selfie on this very blog.

Exciting isn't it! ;-)

I'm considering tangerine and red as future and possibly additional hair colours to the ones listed above.  Or maybe just tangerine, red and pink.  Or erm tangerine, purple and blue.  Oh the choices.  The possibilities. Hair art.  I love it.


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