Friday, 11 March 2011

What's in the bag?

My sister has just had her second baby - Elinor Grace. She is rather lovely, just like her big (little) brother Aiden. My sister told me that upon seeing the moses basket in their front room, shortly after Elie's arrival home from hospital, Aiden asked - what's in the bag? He, at the tender age of nearly three had understandably confused a moses basket with a bag due to it's bag like handles. He couldn't see the contents of the bag, which was a who rather than a what as the moses basket bag contained his new baby sister. It is moments like these that make life absolutely wonderful.

What's in the bag has become something of a running joke in our house. We roll into much laughter at the mere mention of the words. I mentioned it front of Aiden the other day and being something of a genius for recognising the opportunity to make people laugh, starting roaming around the moses basket asking "hmmmm what's in here". It's like having a comedian for a nephew.

Love to Hayley, Gav, Aiden and Elie.


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