Sunday, 28 December 2014

Grandmaster Flash and White Lines

Toooooooooooooooon!!!!  I saw The Grandmaster in Glasgow some years back.  Epic evening.  Epic track.

Friday, 26 December 2014

Florence Ripley Mastin: From the telephone

I've blogged this before.  I've also added it to my poetry page.  I simply had to blog it again.  The majesty of this poem is without measure.

From the telephone by Florence Ripley Mastin

Out of the dark cup

Your voice broke like a flower.

It trembled, swaying on its taut stem.

The caress in its touch

Made my eyes close.

A Door just opened on a street

Written by: Emily Dickinson

A Door just opened on a street

A Door just opened on a street --
I -- lost -- was passing by -- 

An instant's Width of Warmth disclosed -- 
And Wealth -- and Company. 

The Door as instant shut -- 
And I -- I -- lost -- was passing by -- 
Lost doubly -- but by contrast --
most -- Informing -- misery --

Port is a cool kids drink

I do like a glass of port.  This probably makes me sound about 95 but still.  I always feels it should be supped more frequently and with much cheese.

Port, it's not just for the older generation.

Get on it!

Blue Swede - Hooked on a Feeling

Toooooooon, as we cool people say.

Love too soon?

What do you do if you fall for someone rather too soon in a relationship?  What do you do if you fall but they don't fall in love back or perhaps just haven't yet?  Basically there is nothing you can do.  It's unrequited.  Even if you're in a relationship, if love is not returned, it's just the same as having a crush.  Thus, with this in mind, I have a crush on my boyfriend.  I'm in love but he isn't.  This is neither good nor bad.  It just is.

Alongside my many lovely personality traits, I can sometimes be a little silly-crazy.  This is no doubt amplified by falling in love rather too quickly.

I'm a fusion of daft, intelligent, dizzy, romantic, wordy, enthusiastic, loud, introverted, outspoken, opinionated, sensitive, loving, kind and spiritual.  I'm contradictory in personality traits.

In all my strangeness, I love you Dave.

Monday, 22 December 2014

New phone notifications

I like my new phone but it currently makes the same sound for Facebook notifications, as text message notifications.  So I just thought ooooooh 'boyfriend text' and ended up with a oh 'just random Facebook notification'.  *Puts down lap-top to change notification sounds on new phone*.

To me, you are perfect

Can you imagine if someone actually did this for you? How absolutely wonderful would that be.  Romantic perfection. 

Dog rescue

Those who know me, will be well aware that I'm not an animal person.  The only fluffy things I like to stroke are erm gloves or erm jumpers.  However, I do care about animals.  I just choose to do my caring from a distance, ideally, a distance of around a mile radius.

Sadly and perhaps unsurprisingly animals don't tend to respect my mile radius boundary requirements and invade my personal space more often than I'd like.  For example, following an epic evening and equally epic hangover obtained with my lovely boyfriend and his chums, I decided to wander to my sister's house, with my wonderful daughter.  We trotted merrily down the street.  Well, I say merrily, I appeared merry but was mostly trying not to be very ill, all over the pavement.  Then, out of nowhere, a white and black Staffy cross trotted towards us.  He was without lead and bereft of collar. Said Staffy then ran out into the road and was narrowly missed by a van.  I realised, around this point, that I was going to have to do something.  I applied a high-level filter to my dog fear factor and called the Staffy to me.  Having lots of experience of dog avoiding, very little experience of dog calling and, of course, not knowing his name, I decided to clack my tongue and pat my leg at him.  This seemed to work.  He came to me and we all trotted off in search of Staffy's abode. (In truth, I must say that I tried asking Staffy dog where he lived but he didn't provide a clear answer to the question, as I recall, he peed on a bush, which was rather unhelpful).   

I thought he had come from a nearby housing estate.  So we wandered in search of erm inspiration within said housing estate.  Incredibly, given that this idea was not my most well-founded, no inspiration came but Staffy dog stayed with me.  My daughter was no doubt wondering what the hell I was doing, which is interesting because I kept wondering the same thing. 

I rang my boyfriend. He likes dogs. Genius idea, I thought.  He didn't answer the phone. I briefly wondered about a Dog Warden but was fairly sure that that wouldn't end well for Staffy dog. Thus, I rather brilliantly decided to knock on doors.  My toddler, Staffy dog and I knocked on three doors before we found someone friendly and helpful.  Though, to be honest, I mostly knocked - my toddler mostly looked bemused and Staffy dog mostly ran around sniffing and peeing.

I explained the situation to a lovely couple, who by some marvelous chance were dog lovers.  Their equally lovely neighbour popped over to ascertain what was going down.  The male half of the lovely couple took Staffy dog in his house and the female half of the lovely couple went with the lovely neighbour in search of Staffy dog's people.  They thought another neighbour owned a white Staffy cross.  My toddler and I left to resume our walk to my sister and my brother-in-law's house.

On reflection, I should have swapped details with everyone because I'd like to know if Staffy dog found his people. I do hope that he did.


Thursday, 18 December 2014

Entirely mesmerized

I'm watching your mouth move
Your lips stretch around each sound
I can't hear the words, only the sound of your voice

I could sit for hours, outside time, just you
Watching you speak, feeling your leg against mine
You are near me, I feel as though I cannot breathe

From the moment you walked towards me
Nervous, awkward, unsure but wonderful
Your pale blue gaze fixed me to you

I am entirely mesmerized.

Your eyes are blue

If someone had asked me
I'd say I preferred brown
but your eyes are blue

If someone asked me now
I'd say I preferred you
and your eyes are blue

Tuesday, 16 December 2014

I'm the kind of woman....

I'm the kind of woman who paints her nails blue because I like blue not because fashion suggests that blue nails are interesting.

I'm the kind of woman who has rainbow hair because I like rainbows.  I do not care if someone else thinks it looks ridiculous. 

I'm the kind of woman who buys from charity shops because I believe in ethical purchases and I support charities that care for beings.  I will not disregard my ethics because I can't be arsed to care. 

I'm the kind of woman who speaks her mind and her heart.  If the consequences from doing so are unfavourable, at least I've been true to myself.  However I will not disregard others feelings when speaking my mind or my heart. 

I'm the kind of woman who likes to have fun.  I do not play mind games unless it's truth or dare. 

I'm the kind of woman who can not and will not filter out the human condition - people matter and I believe we can change the world in small ways.  I do not think that life just happens then we die.

I'm the kind of woman who will walk to the ends of the earth for the people I love.  I'll forgive and I'll keep on forgiving those who have hurt me.  Yet, I will not allow people to stampede my feelings forever, I'll forgive but if necessary, I'll walk away.

I think people should be true to themselves. I think we should try to operate with kindness. I think we should evolve in ways that honour our truest self. 

I finally feel like I know who I am.  If this is what comes with age, I like it.


Sunday, 14 December 2014

Benedict Cumberbatch: Hawking

My 40th birthday presents included some notable items that relate to the wonderful Mr Cumberbatch.  My friends know me so well.  These gifts included, The Sherlock Chronicles book and the Hawking DVD, starring, of course, the great Benedict Cumberbatch.

I watched Hawking today.  May I say that he absolutely became Stephen Hawking. He embodied the man.  At times, I forgot I was watching Benedict and felt as though I was seeing Stephen as a younger man.  This, of course, is what any actor would hope for his audience but because I have something of a mammoth Benedict crush, his achievement is all the more profound.  It's difficult to forget that Benedict is Benedict because he is so darned sexy but I did forget, he was Stephen Hawking for hefty chunks of time. Only interrupted by things like - Benedict is playing Stephen Hawking taking a bath - erm Benedict is in the bath - he has no clothes on - you can see his arms and chest - sails off to her Benedict Mind Palace......and we are back to Benedict as Hawking again. 

I felt greatly excited when he posited the theory of the beginning of the universe.  I imagined how Stephen must have felt in that moment, when he knew that the universe did not always exist.  Epic.

I look forward to watching the film again soon.


The Foo Fighters just get better

The Foo Fighters improve with age.  They pretty much are in a league of their own.

This track makes me feel so excited!

Thursday, 11 December 2014

Feeling excited

I'm feeling very excited.  Thank you for this.  You know who you are. 

Kisses.  xxxx


Today, as I sat in Costa Coffee, I reflected upon moments at my desk, moments where I could not focus on anything other than you.  And, as I picked up my phone to draft this blog post, Everywhere by Fleetwood Mac began to play.  This, I felt, rather wonderfully described my feelings. 

At work today, I tried, pointlessly, to focus on administrative choices.  But all I could do was picture your face.  It was impossible to concentrate.  I sat, suspended in the flow of my own thought processes.  Time stood still.  Words danced in front of my eyes.  I wasn't reading the words of work.  I was remembering.  I was remembering and smiling.

Indeed, as Fleetwood Mac state: "Something's happening, happening to me........I wanna be with you everywhere".


Tuesday, 9 December 2014

Wondering and waiting

I try not to wait.  In that I try to do, to think and most of all, I try to make things happen.  Waiting is a kind of inaction and inaction, unless it's sleeping, is rather a waste of time.

Yet, presently, I am waiting.  My mind is focused on something that I want so I'm waiting for it.  I wrote a poem once about waiting.  The inspiration for which was a message.  A message that I long waited for.  Interestingly, and perhaps, significantly, that message never arrived.  To this day, I never received the message I wanted.  I sometimes think that if your mind is so strongly focused on wanting something, you kind of scare it away.

Thus, I shall not wait.  Not only because I don't want to scare it away but because life happens and you have to take every opportunity to live it.


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