Tuesday, 2 February 2010

Not much blog action

My blogs have been few of late. University has begun again (but I've done very little study so I can't blame that). The key reason for lack of blog is that we have just moved house, in fact yesterday was our first day in our new house and there is barely enough room for us with all the boxes. These boxes, mainly, contain stuff that belongs to Mark. With the exception of shoes, I have a lot of boxes filled with shoes mmmmm shoes. So in the name of box freedom, we have decided to de-clutter, this is a hefty undertaking but a necessary one. Indeed, it's already started - Mark began the de-cluttering process early this morning (whilst I snored into my pillow). I was impressed, I'm still impressed.

To help us with our process of clutter removal, check out our bookshop! Yes bookshop, all second-hand (obviously) but some are nearly new (whatever that means):



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