Monday, 28 February 2011

Strange behaviour

There was a man at the bus station the other day waving his arms around claiming to be god. He said, and I quote "I'm god, that's it". I suppose if he really was god, then that probably would be it. What else would he need. Lets face it, if you are going to have a mental illness then be god, don't bother with any half-measure angel types. Later that same day, whilst I was still waiting for my elusive bus, he came back with his mate chanting "I'm god, that's it" once again. His mate just looked slightly uncomfortable. If I was his mate, I would have either
A: disagreed and said "I'm the real god, yes I'm the real god, all those other god's are just imitating" or
B: Walked away from him very quickly.

Car drivers of the world start using buses, it's much more fun. It's like lesson in weird people every single time.

Tuesday, 22 February 2011

Train fear

Please stop by and read my little story at Powder Room Graffiti. If you like it, just click the 'Great graffiti' button under the story. So far, not many people have clicked the lovely 'Great graffiti' button - so you might decide to click it because you feel very sorry for me.

I was very pleased with the story when I wrote it and reading it back just now, it amused me. I'm not sure how complimentary I should be about my own work but the story made me chuckle. Hopefully you will chuckle too.

Follow the link below to find the story -

Tuesday, 15 February 2011


Support Sucioperro (pronounced Soo-chee-o-perro) and pledge on their album and merchandise. They are donating part of their profits to charity so it's all good:

Watch and listen to them on the Kerrang website here:

Monday, 7 February 2011

Action makes a difference

I received an email from Amnesty International today which stated that the detainees, arrested by Egyptian security forces had been released and were all unharmed. Over 11,000 emails were sent to the Egyptian authorities in a few hours. This proves that collective voices can be heard and standing up for human rights does make a difference. You can see a screen-shot of the email below, just click on it to see it more clearly:

Saturday, 5 February 2011

Please help the detainees of the Egyptian security forces!

Please please please take part in the Amnesty International action for the release of the Egyptian security force detainees. Amnesty reports that they are being held in an undisclosed location and may be at risk of torture. The detainees include Human Rights Activists, journalists and others.

Take part in the action by adding your name to an email through Amnesty International.

Human rights should be protected, always.

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