Monday, 30 September 2013

Tea tree

Tea tree is a wonderful thing.  Yes you're quite right, boooooring but it actually is wonderful.  Boring but wonderful.  Even if you don't do domestic type things, it's handy to have.  You can dab it on spots and it actually gets rid of them. Believe me, you need tea tree in your life.  Spot sufferer or otherwise, get some tea tree and you can tackle the following with one product!

It removes stains from clothes - moderate stains only such as avocado or other baby orientated food mess
You can drop blobs of it in your loo and it freshens it
If you teeny bub has thrush, a few drops of tea tree on a wipe (watered down with erm water. It will help to heal their bottom
If helps to heal adult thrush too - soak tampon in tea tree and water or dip finger into tea tree water mix and erm apply to the area with finger (sorry, you get the idea)
You can use it as a mouth wash - super watered down
It freshens your washable nappy storage bin
You can add it to your washing machine to kill bugs and tea tree up your laundry
I make my own cleaning spray with it by adding about 20 drops to water in an old spray cleaner bottle.

Basically it is amazing stuff.  Probably a good idea to buy in bulk or shop around because it can be expensive.  We have about 3 bottles of it in our house and I try to ensure we never have less than 1!


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