Tuesday, 24 July 2012

A little of me, cats and babies

This promises to be a short installment, notably because my 5 month and 1 day old sleeps unsoundly in the cot to my left. I anticipate imminent awakenings.

It is horrendously hot today. I've never been a fan of hot weather. I prefer to snuggle down under a blanket and look into a cosy fire than remove clothes and stare at the sun. Additionally, my daughter is at an age where hot weather is a worry. Unable, as yet, to regulate her own body temperature, she is clothed in a nappy and a t.shirt. All the windows in the house are open. The front door would be too but last time we opened it for a prolonged period, a cat decided to visit us. A later (much later, worryingly) inspection of the floor, uncovered a suspect looking yellow patch next to the dining room table. Thank god our floor doesn't have a carpet.

Anyway, I hate cats. The reasons for which are many but their desire to pee on other people's stuff is a significant one.

Away from cats and onto babies. I have one, which I have already mentioned. The last time I blogged, I didn't, have one that is. I did, if my memory serves me correctly have one brewing. A rather large bump which turned into a rather large baby, weighing in at an impressive and ouchy 9 lbs and 15 ozs. I say ouch but in truth I only felt numb pushing given my epidural - decided upon following a labour that lasted from Monday (then went a away for a bit and recommenced on Tuesday early hours) ending on Thursday late afternoon. I always said I wouldn't be one of those annoying mums that rattle on about their labour and I won't. I will say this though, hypnobirthing, homebirthing and tens machines are fab yet if your labour becomes long (very long) drugs are the only way to go. I had hoped for a magical birth - a journey into the world that my lovely daughter would cherish (albeit subconsciously) yet it was instead forced by surgical implements and surrounded with harsh lighting alongside an array of blue-coated strangers. Hey ho. My husband, genius that he is, sang one of her songs to her as she was cleaned up. A song that we sang every day from about 12 weeks in. Hopefully it helped ease the horror of it all.

So I am now a mum - previous identity irrelevant. That said, I have written a blog and been out with friends once since her arrival. Small steps back to a little bit of me. Motherhood is wonderful but it tends to consume you whole. It also pisses all over your sleep. I'm still working on the sleep. But for now, a blog. A small helping of Hazel that existed before marriage and dirty nappies. I smile.


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