Monday, 31 May 2010


In the picture below - some see light and a tree, some see light, a tree and a figure leaning against the tree and some see light, a tree and a wood elf leaning against the tree. I fall into the last group of people. You need to click on the image to see it clearly. If you're imagination allows you to, you will see a face, eyes, nose, mouth, horns and quite possibly breasts.

Loud bars

I've reached an age where loud bars bother me. This is in part due to the large variety of shite music on display in the loud bar. Music that consists of: people that won celebrity pop idol superstar Britain's got talent, mass produced dance music, golden oldies that have either been remixed (badly) or overplayed to such an extent that I know every word without wanting to.

I went to my cousin's 30th birthday party in Poulton on Saturday and probably heard 3 songs that I quite liked (quite is the operative word here). The rest of the music (or musicish as it will now be called) was utter shite. None-the-less, I did dance, convinced to do so by gin, tonic, my mum and my sister.

By the end of the night my head was banging. There was a time that I saw the small hours arrive one after the other and I laughed in the face of 4am. Bam, 2am, bam, 3am - they all passed without so much as a whimper from me. I was always wide awake. These days, as 1am approaches, my body clock groans ''go to sleep''. I never thought this day would come.

Wedding bells

Apparently it's very hard to find a wedding venue that is both cheap and ethical. Why do some venues apply a minimum spend? A minimum spend! Outrageous. I've contacted all licensed venues in Cheshire and not one seems to be suitable. Maybe we should just head down the reg office, get married and then grab some chips on the way home. Mark would def be up for that. Cheap is his middle name. If you know of an attractive, ethical and inexpensive venue for weddings somewhere near to Lancashire or Cheshire, please let me know.......
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Tuesday, 25 May 2010
Preston Counselling - Counselling in Preston -
Chocolate and Slavery -
Mr Benji - 4 new tracks -
Mr Benji - 4 new tracks -
children love chocolate - maybe not in West Africa - Chocolate Slavery - don't ignore it, buy fairtrade -
Mr Benji - 4 new tracks -
Mr Benji - 4 new tracks -
Preston Karate - Areas of Preston -
Preston Therapy - - Therapy in Preston
Preston Therapy - - Therapy in Preston
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Sunday, 23 May 2010

Fair trade chocolate

Chocoholics beware - the chocolate that you enjoy could be produced by children who have been forced to work and kidnapped from their homes. This actually happens. Children are taken from their homes and forced to work on chocolate plantations. Basically the only way to avoid this is either avoid chocolate like the plague or eat Fair Trade chocolate. The Fair Trade foundation ensure that producers do not use child or forced labour. Although it it fair to say that westerncentric values should not be forced onto other cultures, it is also fair to say that forced labour whether it forced on children or adults is morally wrong regardless of cultural experience. It is a breach of human rights. For my part, I can understand that in some countries child labour does take place and where this is the case, these children should be treated with a greater level of kindness that an adult should expect. None-the-less, children should not and cannot be forced to work. It has to stop. We have to stop it.

Buy Fair Trade chocolate. Write to chocolate manufacturers and demand that they become Fair Trade approved.

I'm currently trying to establish whether The Rainforrest Alliance approved chocolate (such as Galaxy) is suitable in terms of forced labour. At present, it's unclear. So Fair Trade is the only option.

Cadburys dairy milk is Fair Trade. The Co-op supermarket sell many Fair Trade products including their own brand chocolate. Divine is a Fair Trade chocolate manufacturer. Wherever you see the Fair Trade symbol you can be sure that it is Fair Trade.


I have just bought a mooncup. This is very exciting. I've been planning on buying one for such a long time. Don't know why I waited really. Male readers, if I have any, turn away now, the mooncup, for those that don't know, is an ethical alternative tampons. Tampons and any other type of disposable sanitary items contribute massively to landfill and rather worryingly may even end up in the sea. The mooncup is designed to last and is re-usable. It is reputed to be healthier for the vagina than tampons too. According to many reviews there are no links between the mooncup and TSS, they are more comfortable than tampons and don't leak! Yay.

Friends of the earth list the mooncup as a way to cut down on waste. See
FOE the good list. The mooncup is item 53 on the list.

You can buy the mooncup at:

I shall blog more on this matter when my friendly mooncup arrives. Mooncup, what a fab name.

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