Tuesday, 13 September 2011

Biffy songs

I was just emailing someone to find out whether their washable wipes were made in the UK and behold, I received a security verification. Not very exciting in itself. Yet the code in question encompassed two, yes two Biffy Clyro songs. An unlikely happening, I hear you utter. No so, when one of your favourite bands is prone to unusual and numerical song titles.

The image below displays facts:

If your vision is powerful enough, you will see the numbers 57 and 27 in the code. Both Biffy songs from the wonderful album Blackened Sky. Interestingly enough, I just spotted that 27 is listed as 3:27 seconds long on Wikipedia. Coincidence?

It would appear that I am nothing but a geek.

Whilst on the subject of Biffy - I rang my mobile phone provider yesterday and was serenaded with Many of horror. At least that was my momentary thought. Turned out to be the X Factor version. Same song, same music, different singer, different song title and nowhere near as good. Somehow X Factor treatment makes the song seem a little namby pamby. Words that you would not utter in relation to Biffy unless you said "Biffy they are not namby pamby". Plus side - Biffy re-charted with Many of horror, following the X Factor release.

Another thought - it is nice to know that when making ethical purchases for our baby-to-be (the washable wipes) that I can still dive into a little bit of rock music. Who said that mummys weren't rock and roll cool. Not me, that's for sure.


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