Thursday, 27 October 2011

Time is of the essence

You would think that I had so much time on my hands since redundancy and finishing my Degree that I would be blogging all day, everyday. Wrong. Though I've no idea why. Pregnancy might have something to do with it. Pregnancy, for me at least, has meant muchas sleepiness. So lots of time is spent horizontal right now. May as well enjoy whilst I can. When the little one comes, we prob won't get any.

To add a little structure to my days - I have created a to do list. This also ensures that I actually remember to do things. It seems that my memory is much worse than it was before I got pregnant. A well-known side-effect apparently. There is something quite satisfying about a to do list (as sad and anal as that sounds). You feel that you have achieved something, even if your to do list just says stuff like check your bank balance.

Totally unrelated but I do love that Colman's gravy advert - I like the way you moo. Blooming hilarious.

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