Saturday, 18 November 2017

You in my room

I am very happy to be muse and subject of beautiful poetry written by the man I love. ❤️❤️❤️

I have finally found my unicorn. 

Saturday, 4 November 2017


I sat on the train and smiled at you. Your familiar shape, that gives me butterflies, waving from the platform. I thought of putting my hand on the glass and wondered if you would mirror my movement. So we'd almost be touching for a few more seconds.

As the train pulled away, I felt my love  stretch. I sensed the separation more than ever before. I suppose that's because it was almost our last goodbye.

I hope the transient we know is not us but our goodbyes because "sometimes things stay".


Sunday, 29 October 2017

Popped into

I received a poem this morning. Written by the man I've fallen in love with. This is all kinds of fantastic because the poem was about me and he wrote it because I popped into his head.

Smiling much. 


Tuesday, 24 October 2017


I was just reading the cards you've given me since we met and two things occur to me. I've never met anyone as romantic as you. In 27 years of dating, you are more romantic than all those from my history, and no, they weren't all gimps! Since you and in fact because of you, I've begun writing cards for the gesture of it. I stopped buying cards years ago. My statement was one of eco ethics but I took it too far.  I made exceptions when my daughter was born and made some more when I realised that you couldn't go to a child's birthday party armed only with a present. Yet cards just for sentiment is something you have given to me. In a sense you have returned what I lost. I love words and I believe in sharing the echoes of your feelings through them. Receiving a card or a letter is rather magical and where magic is found, it must be explored.

I thank you SS for your beautiful words: in haiku, in conversation, in message, in chemistry, in poem and in card.

With love,



Friday, 13 October 2017


When you overhear the words "missing you already", it sounds a little comedic and maybe even dismissive. It's used upon parting. Perhaps before hanging up the phone. Can someone really be missed moments before they leave? Is it just lip service to the concept of love?

Before June this year, I think I would have said no. People don't really miss that quickly. It's just romantic gesture. Yet, I do miss that quickly now. It didn't happen straightway. It took a few months of knowing you before preemptive missing kicked in. When the end of our date approaches, I can feel the separation without knowing what time you're going home. There are slight changes in posture, in demeanour, in energy. When it is my turn to leave, I just feel a sense of mini dread. Not all consuming, of course,  just little ripples of I don't want to go.

I write this on the eve of our next meeting. Thus there is more anticipation than missing present within me. Wouldn't it be marvellous to hold onto the anticipation of you, from the moment of our parting to our reconnection yet simultaneously enjoy whatever moment I'm in. Wouldn't it be fabulous to never miss you at all. But missing is the inevitable but reluctant side effect of love.  And miss you I do. At least until I see you tomorrow.


Tuesday, 10 October 2017


"Do you remember when we first met?

I thought I had wandered into a dream.

Long years have passed. You did not have the cares you carry now. Do you remember what I told you?

You said you'd bind yourself to me, forsaking the immortal life of your people.

And to that I hold. I would rather share one lifetime with you than face all the ages of this world alone. [Arwen hands Aragorn  the Evenstar]

I choose a mortal life.

You cannot give me this.

It is mine to give to whom I will. Like my heart".

I love this dialogue between Arwen and Aragon. It is utterly beautiful and clearly demonstrates the steadfast yet magical love they share.

Though romantic love may be seen as the most transient, it's fragility stemming from the conditions applied to it. It can also be the most amazing because it is something actively chosen by the heart.


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