Monday, 24 August 2015

ALPINE - Damn Baby

Song of my dreams.  Literally. 

Alpine thoughts

I have been listening to an incredible band called Alpine. I've completely fallen for their melodies and latterly their lyrics.

Two songs stand out for me. Damn baby and Villages. The first of which is relevant to me now. It's about wanting something. The second is about abuse, well so it seems to me. Thus both songs resonate.

Isn't it strange when you stumble upon music that describes features of your life. It's like an accidental story appropriate soundtrack.


Tuesday, 18 August 2015

Philosophical thoughts

Why do we use the English Before Christ (BC) to define events that happened before Christ and the Latin Anno Domini (AD) to describe events that happened after Christ?
Why don't we use Latin for both?  It might make more sense to use Latin for before Christ and English for after Christ, given that Latin is an ancient language and English is widely spoken in modern times.  

Why is three the magic number?  
Moderate research provides possible answers - from religion to alchemy, the number three is significant. Examples of number three's majesty include the Christian Holy Trinity, the Triple Goddess of Wicca, the human retina contains three types of receptor cells, 3 is a lucky and an unlucky number.  Whether these examples and others, makes 3 magic or not, is open to debate.  Perhaps it depends upon one's definition of magic.

What is the significance of a stopped clock telling the right time twice a day (other than it being a quote from Withnail and I)?
My interpretation is that everything has value.  It is simply a matter of perspective.

Sunday, 16 August 2015


If feelings had colour
If heartstrings had sound
A million violins
And Infinite rainbows 
Appeared each time
You came around

Thursday, 6 August 2015

Blondie - One Way Or Another

Me things

Things I can't do:
- Burp intentionally 
- Blow balloons up
- Bend my tongue in on itself
- Listen to freestyle jazz
- Talk to men that I really like
- Be someone I'm not
- Talk to people of a frivolous disposition
- Make an entrance
- Small talk
- Stop eating chocolate

Things I do rather well:
- Random acts of kindness
- Remember song lyrics
- Quote lines from iconic films / tv
- Bright crazy hair
- Tattoo addiction
- Overcome my shyness
- Random dance like no one is watching
- Pick up on people's feelings
- Politeness
- Flirt without meaning to
- Multi-task
- Eat chocolate

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