Wednesday, 30 July 2014

A playlist

Time for music. First, to listen to Mr Benji’s Spit, freestyle session.  I got so into this tune, that I started to do some extreme twerking in the bedroom.  It wasnt pretty but fuck it, that’s the joy of dancing alone.
Ive now headed to Justin Timberlake, Sexyback.  I'm a million miles from dancing to tunes like these in dark, boozey places but for now, music alongside cups of tea, in the well-lit bedroom is absolutely fine by me. 

A twisty turn and I’m with Sucioperro, Landslide.   This track is not as different to the previous two tunes as you might think.  Spit, Sexyback and Landslide are all tunes with an awesome edge. 

Perhaps combining elements of all previous genres, I’ve traveled to Rage against machine, Bombtrack. Bombtrack, what a flipping tune. 

Bombtrack is a hard act to follow.  Thus I’ve chosen something with just as much edge, albeit configured rather differently.  I have arrived at Florence and the machine, Howl.  Coincidentally, both sets of musicians have machine in their name.  This track is so damn good, it’s practically painful.  As an aside, Florence once famously sung the lyrics, “a kiss with a fist, is best than none”, Florence how wrong you were. 

How to follow Florence?  Marmaduke duke seems to be an excellent choice.  I’ve gone super hard edgey and chosen The red and the number.  This song is Not for the fainthearted.  It houses Lots of melodic screaming, with a mammoth side order of supercharged energy.

I was tempted to go Stonebridge, Put em high but it doesn’t really follow Marmaduke duke comfortably so I have found myself with Conversation intercom by Soulwax.  I fell for the indie arm of Soulwax before I discovered Too many DJ’s.  I love both aspects of Soulwax / Too many DJ’s with equal enthusiasm. 

After Soulwax, it only makes sense to arrive at Too many DJ’s remix of The Sugarbabes, Round Round. Too many DJ’s are experts at transforming pleasant pop into pop house with an awesome edge.    

I now feel that it’s safe to move to Stonebridge, Put em high.  Much softer than Soulwax but it’s beautifully bouncy and makes me think of Summer.  Listening to this track, I imagine I'm drinking cocktails at the poolside and smiling at the warm sun. 

Another Summery, bouncy track is Put your hands up by Fredde Le Grand.  A little cheesy for some, I suppose but this is the hard trance version.  Blow your whistles people. 

An unexpected turn and I'm with Bloc Party, Helicopter.  I never fell for Block Party wholeheartedly but this song is perfection. 

A part of me wants to immerse in music all evening, yet the mummy part of me, which is certainly the lions share, thinks that bedtime might be a better plan.  My toddler has already woken up twice.  So to bed, my music will be there tomorrow.


This knight in poisoned armour

This knight in poisoned armour
Takes my hand
Takes my love
Sweet smiles hide dark mind

This knight in poisoned armour
Takes my power
Takes my peace
Forgotten promise, all unkind

This knight in poisoned armour
Takes my soul
Takes my freedom
Dagger touch did I find

This knight in shattered armour
Is ended now
In memory
All entangled to unbind

More losses but Im positive

More Losses……my Mooncup, my ethical, reusable, washable, sterolisable alternative to tampons has disappeared.  It was in my bag, safely tucked up in a clean nappy sack and now it has gone.  I suspect that I have accidentally thrown it away.  Mooncups last for about 20 years and I have only had mine for about 4 or 5.  However I have gained a range of music that I hitherto didn’t realise was on my laptop and I have found my electric blue eyeshadow.  The gains don’t really balance out the loss.  Neither Biffy Clyro nor super cool eyeshadow will provide protection during my period, they might, however, keep my PMT at bay somewhat.   
Sadly, Mooncups are expensive so for now it is bargain cheap, shops own tampons for me.  One day, when funds allow, I will buy another Mooncup. 


As Time Goes By

As Time Goes By with the lovely Judi Dench.  I watched this programme with my mum when I was much younger.  Thank you TV schedule for giving me As Time Goes By, it’s just what I needed.  


Losses and gains

Life consists of many different things.  Some things might be considered to be good and some things might be considered to be bad.  All things, whether good or bad, are learning experiences and all things can be viewed in different ways.  It’s all about perspective.  My life, at present, can perhaps be conceptualised in terms of losses and gains.  Indeed, I often feel like I'm playing life roulette but without fully understanding the rules of play.  

I have lost my replacement mobile phone well rather I have lost the ability to use it as it no longer works.  I have gained another, temporary, less glamourous but sturdy mobile phone.

I have lost all hope of ever having a lie in but I have gained the ability to get up, get on with it and drink lots of tea.

I have lost regular internet access but I have gained the ability to entertain myself without on tap access to the net.  I utilize the library, I write my blogs in word (to upload when I can), I text via a pay-as-you-go SIM and my toddler and I make our own fun. 

I have lost my sense of calm at times but I have gained friends and kindness from strangers. 

I have lost 4 balloons well rather my daughter has but each time we lose one, someone provides another. 

I have lost my snobbish approach to shopping and gained the knowledge that you can buy healthy food from low budget shops and supermarkets. 

I have lost, well somewhat, my obsession with chocolate and gained pleasure from eating fruit instead.

Losses and gains – no doubt there are more to come.  The amazing thing is that a loss could also be a gain.  It all depends on how you view it.  Moreover and this is what matters the most, losses and gains happen, that’s life but you will never lose your sense of self unless you allow someone to take it from you. 

Love, peace and positivity to all,


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