Wednesday, 30 July 2014

More losses but Im positive

More Losses……my Mooncup, my ethical, reusable, washable, sterolisable alternative to tampons has disappeared.  It was in my bag, safely tucked up in a clean nappy sack and now it has gone.  I suspect that I have accidentally thrown it away.  Mooncups last for about 20 years and I have only had mine for about 4 or 5.  However I have gained a range of music that I hitherto didn’t realise was on my laptop and I have found my electric blue eyeshadow.  The gains don’t really balance out the loss.  Neither Biffy Clyro nor super cool eyeshadow will provide protection during my period, they might, however, keep my PMT at bay somewhat.   
Sadly, Mooncups are expensive so for now it is bargain cheap, shops own tampons for me.  One day, when funds allow, I will buy another Mooncup. 


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