Friday, 11 July 2014

Modest desires: cosmic ordering

I was scrolling through the memo list on my phone earlier and I happened upon a list of items, entitled, 'Things I Want'. I realise that sounds a tad demanding but the list of requirements were fairly modest. Thinking back to when the list was created, I was attempting to order from the cosmos. In other words, I was having a stab at Cosmic Ordering.  Ever helpful Wikipedia has some information on what Cosmic Ordering is.

Anyway, this is the list:

Flushable Nappy liners
Washable pull up nappies
Biogradable baby wipes
Organic bottom cream for nappy rash
Probiotic coyo yogurt
Probiotic powder
Coco milk
Hemp milk
New dress for me
Spa day
Pinot grigio
Chocolate bar
New house - with 3 bedrooms, music room, lounge diner, kitchen, en-suite, bathroom, garage, garden.
My boots heeled and the soles fixed
My toddler to sleep through the night
A cheeseburger

Much of the above is still required so I guess I didn't place my order correctly. Only the Spa Day, the holiday and the new house, might be said to be a little extravagant.  All the other items are fairly low key.  I'm a vegetarian again, so I don't want a cheeseburger!  We use semi biodegradable nappies now, so nappy liners aren't needed either.  Otherwise, yes please.  Cosmos, please let me know when you can deliver the above.

Thank you :)


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