Tuesday, 15 July 2014

I like pink wine and I cannot lie!

I like pink wine and I cannot lie.  To be accurate, I like rose wine.  Actually, to be completely accurate, I like wine.  I also like champagne, which, if we are honest, is just sparkling wine with bells on. Despite the fact that champagne is a bit pretentiously posh - it is lovely and a good pink champagne is the fecking bomb.  It really is. 

I'm currently sipping a glass of Wolf Blass Yellow Label Rose (imagine there is an accent on all relevant e's because I have no idea how to put one on any of them).  Given the current financial climate, Wolf Blass Yellow Label Rose, is a tad expensive.  Yes, it might be basic for some, but for me, it's pricey.  The cost of wine, it's all relative (man). 

I give my Wolf Blass a robust thumbs up (but only metaphorically due to spillage avoidance). It feels like summer in glass.  And summer in glass makes me smile on the inside. 

Coincidentally, I'm due a glass or two of Pimms soon, which is another lovely pink drink and a further example of summer in a glass. 

Summer in a glass, summer in general and pink stuff, I salute you. 


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