Sunday, 6 July 2014

Painted toes in blue and gold

Today has been difficult thus I have painted my toe nails.  This actually makes sense.  Most men don't understand the significance of painted toe nails. Most women absolutely get it.  You could say to a female friend "I was feeling a bit shit, so I painted my toe nails" and they would nod in a knowing and empathetic way. 

As a mum, I have very little free time.  We move house tomorrow and the new washing machine has broken so I have even less free time than usual.  Lack of time makes a full evening of pampering impossible.  Thus I have painted my toe nails and actually it's enough to make me smile.

For those not in the know, a pamper evening might include a bath, face pack, body scrub, nail painting, eye brow plucking (although that kinda hurts so isn't very pampery), leg wax / shave (see previous point), foot massage, leg massage, facial massage and so on.  Extensive pampering could include the above plus cocktails, chats with friends, wine, champagne, various calorific food, nail art, hair dying and similar activities.

Ideally, you'd want a full pamper day or even a week or a month (calm down Hazel).  Moreover, super extensive pampering should take place in a spa hotel, preferably in a beautiful, seaside walk location. *Dreams*.

Anything beyond toenail painting is unavailable to me.  Twang those violins please.  *Winks*.  So my toenails are now deep blue with gold glitter.

Each time I look down, I will see my own feet and smile.  All is not lost, I have blue gold toe nails.

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