Saturday, 5 July 2014


So I have taken a few selfies.  Not something I'm particularly prone to do but I have green, purple, blue, pink, brown hair thus I felt it was time to share that with people other than erm my toddler.  My blog introduction describes me as blonde and I was blonde, once.  As a child, I was very blonde.  It darkened a tad so I dyed it, frequently.  I've also been red, blonde pink, blonde and red, red and black, purple and brown etc etc. 

Below you will find me.  A little unkempt and make-up free but natural.  Well, I say natural.  As natural as someone with brown, pink, purple, blue, green hair can be. 

Super smiley

Kinda smiley

Bit dark, and Photoshop has disappeared so I can't lighten

Toilet in the background, classy

Close the real colour of my hair

Actual colour of 50% of my hair

Not exactly sure what Im attempting here....

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