Saturday, 5 July 2014

Selling and giving

I'm selling various things to make some pennies and to de-clutter the house.  Im also giving some things away.  The big house move is due to happen in just a few days.  Goodness knows where we will put everything.  We will have far less rooms and less storage.  Fortunately, the house is much prettier than the current one. 

Fingers crossed we will manage to de-clutter as ethically as possible.  I do so hate the idea of things ending up landfill.  We have managed to be fairly ethical so far.  The limited amount of stuff that ended up at the tip will be recycled wholly or partially.  A local charity shop has had a huge influx of stock and I do mean huge. Freecycle groups have helped too. 

I'm hopeful.  Despite a significant, seemingly never-ending, run of bad luck, I am determined to remain positive. 


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