Tuesday, 1 July 2014

Absolute truth

These songs compliment each other.  Not musically perhaps, as one might be described as Hip Hop and the other as folk / contemporary folk but the meaning behind each song reflects that of the other.  Both are about falsities.  As human beings we hope that our most precious relationships are based on truth and respect.  We hope we won't deceived.  Friends, colleagues, husbands and basically any kind of partner can promise the earth but fail to deliver.  Some people lie so frequently that they totally fail to recognise what is true and what is false.  They lie as a second-language.  Some promises are temporary tickets, designed to buy you off.  With the necessary exception of tact and diplomacy, in that these may be seen to straddle the boundary between a lie and a kind stretch of the truth, do remain true to those you care for.  Falsities lead to sadness.     

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