Wednesday, 30 July 2014

Losses and gains

Life consists of many different things.  Some things might be considered to be good and some things might be considered to be bad.  All things, whether good or bad, are learning experiences and all things can be viewed in different ways.  It’s all about perspective.  My life, at present, can perhaps be conceptualised in terms of losses and gains.  Indeed, I often feel like I'm playing life roulette but without fully understanding the rules of play.  

I have lost my replacement mobile phone well rather I have lost the ability to use it as it no longer works.  I have gained another, temporary, less glamourous but sturdy mobile phone.

I have lost all hope of ever having a lie in but I have gained the ability to get up, get on with it and drink lots of tea.

I have lost regular internet access but I have gained the ability to entertain myself without on tap access to the net.  I utilize the library, I write my blogs in word (to upload when I can), I text via a pay-as-you-go SIM and my toddler and I make our own fun. 

I have lost my sense of calm at times but I have gained friends and kindness from strangers. 

I have lost 4 balloons well rather my daughter has but each time we lose one, someone provides another. 

I have lost my snobbish approach to shopping and gained the knowledge that you can buy healthy food from low budget shops and supermarkets. 

I have lost, well somewhat, my obsession with chocolate and gained pleasure from eating fruit instead.

Losses and gains – no doubt there are more to come.  The amazing thing is that a loss could also be a gain.  It all depends on how you view it.  Moreover and this is what matters the most, losses and gains happen, that’s life but you will never lose your sense of self unless you allow someone to take it from you. 

Love, peace and positivity to all,


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