Sunday, 31 July 2016


My teenage self: romantic fantasies of glittering knights come to sweep me off my feet. Love, romance, castle, children and happily ever after.

Wise, old self's advice to teenage self: Knights in modern times are the stuff of fantasy. If you drop your handkerchief, some guy will blow his nose on it and hand it back to you. They won't have a clue about romantic favour. The only way you'll get swept off your feet is if you buy your own broom, turn it horizontally and imagine flying about on it. There will be suitors. They'll be many. However most will be unsuitable. Those that make your soul sing won't offer anything solid. Those offering solid will leave you cold with boredom.

Be your own hero. Value yourself. Everything in romance is transitory.

Saturday, 30 July 2016


When something is slipping away… the ends of the memory curl up like the burnt edges of a sun damaged photograph?


Monday, 25 July 2016

Love thyself

A celebration of womanhood. Love who you are! Chaka Khan singing the brilliant I'm every woman.

The clock ticked

I watched the leaves move across the brick. My soul was quiet, peaceful. The clock ticked, each slow second a moment away from when he last was here.

If I leaned back far enough….we were still together. My mouth could feel the softness of his lips. His hands tangled in my hair. His breath on my face. I closed my eyes. The memory, so real, he never really left. 

Sunday, 24 July 2016

Outside time

When he walked towards me, every fibre of my being danced excitedly. I felt as though I'd become charged with electricity. I smiled, from the moment his hand first touched mine to the moment just before our parting. For a long magical memory, his world merged with mine and I wanted to remain there, outside time, in the liminal spaces we had made into our own. 

Sunday, 17 July 2016

The truth

........ further reflections on The Matrix........ Neo had to peel back and strip away every understanding of reality he'd ever had in order to see the truth. For him to see reality, he had to look through the filtered reality. He had to let go of everything that was, in order to become what is.

And isn't this a metaphor for people. By which I mean, in order to become our most complete selves, we must evolve who we are. We must let go and simply be.


Saturday, 16 July 2016

When he called me woman

When he called me woman, it felt somehow transformative. As if had only just acknowledged all the magic and majesty of womanhood. Maybe I had just forgotten. Forgotten - in the journey of motherhood, the ending of marriage and the twists of life. Woman: in that moment, as I drank the word in, I felt more woman than I ever had. I wasn't just an acknowledgement of his attraction to me, it was an acknowledgement of the unique beauty of womanhood.


Thursday, 14 July 2016


I found myself humming the song below today. It's truly beautiful. I'm not altogether sure that my attempt at singing it is beautiful but here it is....


The exchange of words between two people can, sometimes, be life changing or least indicative of such. Words can, in certain exchanges, take on a life of their own. Words can be so thrilling, so poetically formed and resonate so strongly that they seem to move off the page. Sometimes words can connect people across time and space. When this happens, you're stumbled onto something magical. Whatever the ultimate outcome between those sharing the exchanges, these are rare moments to be enjoyed, for as long as they remain.



Wednesday, 13 July 2016

Time changes everything

I listened to a track today. A track unheard for around 2 years. It once had special meaning. It was a song about connection between two people. A connection long since gone. I avoided the song for a time. Today I heard it, rather by accident and i merely enjoyed it as a piece of art. No tears. No sadness. Just past. Gone.

Time changes everything.


Sunday, 10 July 2016


Two things happened today which highlighted the conflicts of adulting. First, I experienced genuine joy because I had washed the dishes. No joke. I felt genuine joy. A short time later, I felt truly excited to see sunshine. Excited because sunshine means an efficient drying day. I didn't think beer garden. Heck, I didn't even think gentle stroll to the park. I immediately linked sun and breeze to laundry. Ugh.

My knee-jerk reaction to these thoughts of domesticity was to call a revolution...... drink many pints....... watch the sunrise in the arms of a man......climb a naked in the wood........ Essentially I experienced the conflict of acknowledging adult type responsibility versus infinitely more interesting activities. I felt reluctant to grow up, even though I am actually a grown up.

I must remember that the recognition of domesticity does not negate amazing life things. It's absolutely ok to feel excited at sunshine because of laundry. Laundry does need to dry. And clothing is rather useful, unless naked in the wood.

Live. Love. Laugh. And you know, do the laundry.




Thursday, 7 July 2016


If your heart has one opinion and your brain has another, go with your gut. Your intuition is your soul's way of nudging you in the right direction. Your souls knows, even when the complexities of thought, intention and experience hasn't got a damn clue.

Love and peace,

The RGF xx

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