Sunday, 10 July 2016


Two things happened today which highlighted the conflicts of adulting. First, I experienced genuine joy because I had washed the dishes. No joke. I felt genuine joy. A short time later, I felt truly excited to see sunshine. Excited because sunshine means an efficient drying day. I didn't think beer garden. Heck, I didn't even think gentle stroll to the park. I immediately linked sun and breeze to laundry. Ugh.

My knee-jerk reaction to these thoughts of domesticity was to call a revolution...... drink many pints....... watch the sunrise in the arms of a man......climb a naked in the wood........ Essentially I experienced the conflict of acknowledging adult type responsibility versus infinitely more interesting activities. I felt reluctant to grow up, even though I am actually a grown up.

I must remember that the recognition of domesticity does not negate amazing life things. It's absolutely ok to feel excited at sunshine because of laundry. Laundry does need to dry. And clothing is rather useful, unless naked in the wood.

Live. Love. Laugh. And you know, do the laundry.




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