Sunday, 31 July 2016


My teenage self: romantic fantasies of glittering knights come to sweep me off my feet. Love, romance, castle, children and happily ever after.

Wise, old self's advice to teenage self: Knights in modern times are the stuff of fantasy. If you drop your handkerchief, some guy will blow his nose on it and hand it back to you. They won't have a clue about romantic favour. The only way you'll get swept off your feet is if you buy your own broom, turn it horizontally and imagine flying about on it. There will be suitors. They'll be many. However most will be unsuitable. Those that make your soul sing won't offer anything solid. Those offering solid will leave you cold with boredom.

Be your own hero. Value yourself. Everything in romance is transitory.


  1. Two marriages down and I still think I'm a Knight.. Probably more of a Squire in reality and the sweeping I do is with a broom (well a cordless Dyson to be specific).

    Don't give up. :-)

  2. Thank you anonymous commenter. I'll never give up. Just a few moments of jaded. Xxx

  3. Sorry, I meant to post my name - it's Chris.

    Glad to hear it, you come across as one of the good ones and the world needs those! Jaded is ok, in those moments I take solace from the sage tones of Eddie Van Halen and know that everything can and will change in a moment, what you thought you knew you no longer know :-) I'm sure you have your own Eddie?

    Ta for the kisses, they're always nice! xxx

  4. Thank you Chris.

    I have various Eddies. I have Sleepless in Seattle, The Lake House, Grimes, Joan Baez.....

    Have some more kisses xxx

  5. Thanks :-) xxx


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