Monday, 1 August 2016

Stages of love

Long ago, someone told me about the stages of romantic love. He did so in relation to our romantic relationship and to that of his ex. We, apparently, were in the early phases, which I took to mean less and he had been in the latter phases, which I took to mean more. The early phases were subjectively less profound, less important and less felt. At the time, unsurprisingly, I was heartbroken at the discussion. It was like everything he felt for me was reduced to a mere whisper of that he’d felt before.  

Time brings wisdom. I now know that the initial phase of love are just as valid as the latter. They may lack the depth that only time and knowledge provides but what they lose in depth, they gain in power. Every stage is valid. Every stage is beautiful.  

I also came to realise that if someone explains their feelings for you, couched in terms of the feelings they ‘had’ for another - they have not moved on. They remain very much in love with their previous partner.

The RGF xx


  1. I agree, not more, not less, just different.

    New love is an exhilarating, dangerous, adrenaline rush. I think that whichever love we're lucky enough to have in our lives at any given time we yearn for the one that we don't have.

    Sorry for the stalking, just stop posing interesting questions and sending me kisses and I'll be off. ;-)

    Chris xxx

  2. Ha! How did happen upon my blog? Can't imagine it appears in Google very much.

    I'm not sure that love is dangerous unless you mean opening oneself up to pain.

    Hazel xxx

  3. Twitter, although I've admired from afar for a bit!

    Yes, dangerous for the pain. In new love you're putting all of your trust in someone that you may not even know that well, it's an emotional gamble and you get the rush that goes with any gamble.

    Chris xxx

  4. Exactly that. The rush is amazing but there is great risk. Sometimes hiding would be easier.

    I don't think I've ever had an admirer from afar before.

    I may have followed back on Twitter.



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