Tuesday, 2 August 2016

Be the change

Like many people, when news reports of the refugee crisis filtered through the press, I felt terribly sad and wasn't sure what to do about it.

Thus a plan of action presented itself: My friend found some groups on Facebook that helped refugees. One of which, is the group I now regularly help. This group is called Care UK. It's a grassroots organisation that wonderfully, recently achieved charity status and continues to operate a 100% donation policy. No one gets paid. Everything goes to help refugees.

Volunteering generally and for our group takes different forms. At Care UK, I pack aid into bags and boxes. At home, I gather aid from friends, family and colleagues, then take the aid to Care UK’s depot.

Aside from the real difference this work makes to people's lives, volunteering makes me feel good. There is a tremendous sense of wellbeing when you take small steps to help others. This is the best kind of win win because it is truly equitable. I help someone else and in so doing, I help myself achieve a sense of peace.

The big win also transcends the impact upon refugee and volunteer. Donating clothes, bedding, camping equipment and other unneeded items has a positive impact upon the planet. If an item of clothing is a good condition but you no longer want it and if it's relatively practical then donate it. Reducing waste is always a good thing to do because the planet doesn't like lots of waste. In this sense donating aid and volunteering makes a huge difference.

I still feel tremendously sad when I hear about about the plight of refugees. Yet I no longer feel so powerless because I am doing something about it. It may be a small something but it is something.

It is possible to create positive change. As a wise person once said “lots of little steps make a giant footprint”.

#bethechange #refugeecrisis #humanrights


  1. Interesting that you acknowledge what you get out of it, it's easy to pass kindness off as being completely selfless, it isn't - it's rewarding. It makes you feel good about yourself and good about other people and it's infectious.

    Thank you for being a carrier..

    Hope you don't mind my continued spamming :-)

    Chris xx


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