Monday, 8 August 2016


Today I thought about Arwen from Lord of the Rings.  I thought of the moment that she gave the Evenstar to Aragorn.  She chose a mortal life so she could be with the man she loved.  In a sense she chose death so that she could enjoy love. 

In many respects the rejection of immortality seems like utter madness.  How would one choose life with death, when one could live for eternity.  Yet, what kind of eternity would it be if she had to live each moment without the man she truly loved.  Even a week would feel like an eternity if we reject love.  

Although Arwen's decision is the work of fiction, the choice has its roots in reality.  Without love, there is no life.  Without love, life is only existence.  Without love, there is an unending sea of nothingness.  Thus, the only choice is love.  

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