Tuesday, 23 August 2016

Car park rave

Dancing: it's probably the most fun you can have on your own. Come, come now. Let's keep it clean. Much like Nicole Kidman in that obscure perfume advert, I love to dance. It isn't exercise. It's spiritual, powerful and tremendous fun (I sounded like The Famous Five in my head there). I often find myself dancing around the lounge.  The genre doesn't matter. If something resonates and the urge to move comes, then it happens. I particularly enjoy those moments when dancing becomes hardcore. There is something cathartic about dancing like you mean it.  That sense of being lost in music – absolutely not caring what you look like, just feeling the sounds and letting your body reflect the rhythm.  The opportunities to dance in a crowded room are few and far between these days.  Attending an actual rave - if the term rave hasn’t completely fallen out of favour – is limited to rare occasions. I've tried dancing in Asda but bizarrely this does not bring about the kind of unity one feels at a gig or massive rave. It tends to encourage puzzled looks and military style avoidance tactics from the other shoppers.

The prospect of inappropriate dancing brings me to this paragraph. This morning, as I purchased some food from the sandwich van, an old skool track landed on the radio. I almost raised my hand in a pointy gesture and said tooooooon to the sandwich lady.  I refrained. However I was unable to stop myself from enjoying a brief, excited, mini dance.  Had she joined in - I could have grabbed my whistle, which I always carry, just in case and the carpark rave might have gone off.  However, my dancing was entirely one-sided.   There was just me, holding food and a rainbow purse.  On the plus side, I was not wearing my top back to front. It had been noticeablely so when I dropped my daughter off at holiday club.  No one wants to dance at a sandwich lady with incorrectly placed clothing. There's something very wrong about that whole sentence.

Anyhoo, despite moderate embarrassment from this morning’s impromptu car park rave, I am left determed to dance the evening away.  This will take place in my lounge.  I hope I don't get too hot.



PS.  I actually have a rainbow purse. It has a smiley badge on it. I do not carry a whistle around in readiness for unexpected raving - though it seems like a habit worth getting into.

PPS. This was the toooooon:

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