Wednesday, 31 August 2016

Mash up

If the answer is 42, what is the question? We never found out in Hitchhikers.  If we were so inclined, and I know I am, we might say: it is the question that drives us, you know the question, just as I did
- what is the Matrix? Or am I mashing up my fiction here?

In fact, a mash up might be bang on point. The mash up is a slang way of describing a synthesis - the combination of elements. Musically, a mash up in the merging of two or more tracks to create something new. A synthesis of the self is the amalgamation of the whole self: the mind, body and spirit. A synthesis within the self also relates to self-knowledge and deep wisdom. So maybe, in some out there, lunatic way, the Hitchhikers Matrix mash up is a clue.

Perhaps the question is the answer.  Bare with me here......the answer to the ultimate question of life, the universe and everything is the quest for wisdom. Our purpose, thus the ultimate question is the accumulation of knowledge. And it is this that drives us.

I'm not exactly sure where 42 comes in but Adams' claimed that it was chosen at random. A little joke to get us thinking.  So perhaps 42 merely referred us back to the question. The question which is simultaneously the answer. Therefore, keep questioning everything. Et voilà!

This is just the idle ramblings of a weird mind on a Wednesday afternoon. Might be nonsense, might be pure genius, might be 42.



The RGF xxx


  1. Thanks for all the fish ;-) xx

  2. I think 42 is the ultimate age...the age that the universe changes as a peak condition...and the 7 x 6...and lots of numerology...alignment stars comets all divisible by 42...every 84 years a comet...every 42 seconds a dying star...every 42 thousand years an ice's the optimum universal number...

  3. Thank you lots anonymous commenter. There is much of interest about 42. I'm sure Adams didn't choose it at random.

    Really need to read the series again. Thanks for all the fish - Indeed, clever dolphins. Xx


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