Sunday, 14 December 2014

Benedict Cumberbatch: Hawking

My 40th birthday presents included some notable items that relate to the wonderful Mr Cumberbatch.  My friends know me so well.  These gifts included, The Sherlock Chronicles book and the Hawking DVD, starring, of course, the great Benedict Cumberbatch.

I watched Hawking today.  May I say that he absolutely became Stephen Hawking. He embodied the man.  At times, I forgot I was watching Benedict and felt as though I was seeing Stephen as a younger man.  This, of course, is what any actor would hope for his audience but because I have something of a mammoth Benedict crush, his achievement is all the more profound.  It's difficult to forget that Benedict is Benedict because he is so darned sexy but I did forget, he was Stephen Hawking for hefty chunks of time. Only interrupted by things like - Benedict is playing Stephen Hawking taking a bath - erm Benedict is in the bath - he has no clothes on - you can see his arms and chest - sails off to her Benedict Mind Palace......and we are back to Benedict as Hawking again. 

I felt greatly excited when he posited the theory of the beginning of the universe.  I imagined how Stephen must have felt in that moment, when he knew that the universe did not always exist.  Epic.

I look forward to watching the film again soon.


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