Tuesday, 16 December 2014

I'm the kind of woman....

I'm the kind of woman who paints her nails blue because I like blue not because fashion suggests that blue nails are interesting.

I'm the kind of woman who has rainbow hair because I like rainbows.  I do not care if someone else thinks it looks ridiculous. 

I'm the kind of woman who buys from charity shops because I believe in ethical purchases and I support charities that care for beings.  I will not disregard my ethics because I can't be arsed to care. 

I'm the kind of woman who speaks her mind and her heart.  If the consequences from doing so are unfavourable, at least I've been true to myself.  However I will not disregard others feelings when speaking my mind or my heart. 

I'm the kind of woman who likes to have fun.  I do not play mind games unless it's truth or dare. 

I'm the kind of woman who can not and will not filter out the human condition - people matter and I believe we can change the world in small ways.  I do not think that life just happens then we die.

I'm the kind of woman who will walk to the ends of the earth for the people I love.  I'll forgive and I'll keep on forgiving those who have hurt me.  Yet, I will not allow people to stampede my feelings forever, I'll forgive but if necessary, I'll walk away.

I think people should be true to themselves. I think we should try to operate with kindness. I think we should evolve in ways that honour our truest self. 

I finally feel like I know who I am.  If this is what comes with age, I like it.


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