Saturday, 24 May 2014

My cultural life

Inspired by Harper's Bazaar interview with the fabulous Benedict Cumberbatch; I'm going to answer the questions put to him.  I think it would be quite interesting if other people answered these questions too and published their answers on their blog or Facebook profile. 

Having a cultural life and trying to expand it a worthwhile activity.  Hopefully this blog post will encourage me to widen my cultural horizons. 

1. Favourite cliche: a problem shared, is a problem halved.

 2. Poem known by heart: erm none at present.  Yikes. I can recall bits of Wordsworth but nothing worth repeating.  So, expand my mind with soon-to-be-known-by-heart poetry is a must do. 

3.  Guilty pleasure: ha, well, it's tricky to pick just one.  Chocolate is high on the list but so is champagne, cheese, Made in Chelsea......  For the most part, it appears to be things beginning with C.

4. The first record you bought: well I always say it was Video Killed the Radio Star by Buggles.  However, I have worrying feeling that it was Fame by erm The Kids from Fame!

5. The book that changed your life: this is one easy - it was To Kill a Mockingbird.  It moved me to tears, which was problematic because I read it in school.  Once we had covered the book, I actually stole the book.  Naughty girl.  I didn't want to part with it.  It never occurred to me that I could just go out and buy a copy!  I was much more aware of injustice and racism post-book.  I was aware and it really mattered to me.  I believe this book is largely responsible for my sociopolitical views.  I'm pro-people and anti-racism.  Injustice rips pieces from my soul. Thank you Harper Lee.

6. What's your audition piece: hmmmm, well, not an actor and never wanted to be so I'll make something up.  Austin Powers offering an explanation as to why he slept with Alotta Fagina.  She was rancid baby.  Yep, I'm sure that would win me many parts in both blockbusting and art-house cinema films. 

7. Favourite film: probably The Big Lebowski but Human Traffic, A Wonderful Life, An Affair to Remember and yes, sorry film buffs but Sleepless Seattle are also loved by me. 

8. Favourite villain: probably Andrew Scott's Moriarty but also Brandon Lee's Eric Draven, The Crow.  He isn't really a villain but he does carry out dark deeds on a quest for vengeance. 

9. Who would you like to play you in the film of your life: I have the perfect, Sherlock Holmes fan choice, Natalie Dormer.  Great actor and she is wonderfully sexy.

10. Favourite hour of the day: well, long long ago I would have chosen sometime after midnight - because night time is where the magic happens but now I'm a mother to a toddler so night time is usually where I'm pulled forcefully out of much-needed sleep so I'd have to say early afternoon. I'm less tired around then.

11. Do you have any irrational fears: do I!!!! How long have we got. Spiders, the dark, ghosts, the unexplained, clowns, small spaces....I could go on and on......

12. Recurrent dream: being unable to contact people that matter to me and being deceived by loved ones.  (This probably says very worrying things about my psyche).

13. Whats worth fighting for: my family, my freedom, my right to speak out on issues that matter.

14.   Signature dance: I always do a spot of arm waving in a raver style and if I happen to have a whistle, I blow it a lot.

15. What's your USP: at least I think that's what the interviewer says.  God knows what a USP is.  BC says he can fart on cue.  I cannot.  I can't even burp on cue.  Maybe something with accents.  I'm pretty good at accents.   

16. Money or sex: I'd like to be all bohemian and say sex but no, money.  Money matters much when you have none.

17.  Apollo vs Dionysus: well firstly, I had to look this up.  My studies of philosophy didn't cover this and my knowledge of Greek Mythology is fairly limited.  Having looked it up, I think Dionysus.  Pleasure matters. It doesn't have to be illicit but it helps. Ha!

18. Dylan or Hendrix: probably Dylan but only just. Hendrix is also very cool.

19.  James Dean or James Steward: both, definitely both. 

20. Optimist or pessimist: currently I'm something of a pessimist.  Difficult times will do that to a person.

21.  Minimalist or maximist: minimalist. I hate clutter.  Sadly my husband has a lot of clutter.  Space allows you to think. Clutter allows you to trip over.

22.Grace Kelly or Grace Jones: Grace Jones kinda terrifies me.  Grace Kelly is the epitome of erm well grace!  I would love to have just 10 percent of her effortless glamour and sophistication.

23. Lennon or McCartney: it has to be Lennon.  I love Paul but I connect a little more with Lennon's soul.  That sounds a bit up-my-own-arsey.  I just relate to Lennon's poetry.  Both men are fabulous though.  The Beatles are god.  

24.What's your fancy dress: well it has been quite a few years since I wore any.  Snowy white things like the Snow Queen and silvery fairies.  I once dressed up as a cyber witch for Gatecrasher.  The outfit was all silvery and witchy.  I loved that outfit. Must do something like that again.

This was my cultural life as appertaining to the questions put to Benedict Cumberbatch by Harper's Bazaar.  Okay, I'm ready for my photo-shoot now.  :)


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