Sunday, 18 May 2014


I thought, assumed even, that I had a good, solid group of friends.  Not a large group but certainly a solid group.  WRONG.  It turns out that a hefty percentage of these 'friends' were far less solid than I'd assumed.  Far less solid to the extent that they have either lost touch with me completely or are deliberately parting ways with me.  Parting ways, actually on purpose.  Just like those 'friends' did at school.  You know, that I'm not your friend anymore deal. 

Anyway, here I am, feeling forty.  In fact I'm more than feeling 40, I'm flirting with 40.  Yep, 40 is about to happen within this very year.  So, here I am, almost 40 and I'm losing friends faster than drunk people lose their change. 

I (she says with confidence) am not without wit.  I'm fairly reliable.  I have strong shoulders to cry on.  I offer wine, when wine is needed.  I have excellent listening skills and even better talking skills.  I'm pretty amazing friendship material actually. And yet, the numbers diminish.  I'm a mummy now.  This might explain some of the exits.  I have, no, make that had, quite a few friends without kids.  Yet, I fear that my parenthood status can't explain all the loses.  Perhaps I'm crapper than I think I am.  YIKES!

So crank up the volume up on those violins please.  This is an emotional sitiuation.  Emotional I tell you!

Perhaps I need to advertise for new friends.  Crikey, how absolutely desperate does that sound.  I'm probably going to have to try harder with the mums at playgoups.  Oh god the pain of it.  I'm terrible at bonding with other mothers.  I feel like an imposter.

Hey ho.  Fortunately I do have a marvelous family.  A family I can also consider to be good friends.  And there are one or two real friends that haven't waved a two-fingered goodbye at me.  Never-the-less, pass the kleenex.  Snif snif, blub.

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