Wednesday, 14 May 2014

Get creative clothing results

Well, I got rather more excited than anticipated regarding my tie dye-athon.  I'm so excited that I've also tie bleached and fabric painted.  I'm no fine artist but I do class myself as somewhat creative.  Even if I've suddenly got lots of epic creative fails in my wardrobe, at least I'm brave enough to customise clothes then wear the results in public!

Below are a few of my creations.  I might even attempt to sell a few.  There must be other people out there who'd enjoy looking like an accidental dalliance with a paint factory.

The skirt below was white, I bought it from Oxfam.  I noticed, post-purchase, that it had a large mark on it!  I tried to bleach it out but it didn't shift thus I deemed it bound for clothes recycling.  Happily, it's now pretty blue tie-dyed and rainbow painted.  I look forward to wearing it.

Another skirt shot. I like much.

My sunhat now has an orange marbled with blue paint effect.

The tie-bleach skirt.  I've owned this skirt forever.  Then, I recently spilt Milton on it and absolutely felt like crying.  I love this skirt.  Now I can wear it again.  Yay for getting creative. 

More posts to follow.


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