Saturday, 17 May 2014

A little OCD (obsessive cumberbatch disorder)

OCD - obsessive cumberbatch disorder - I like it.  I stole the acronym mix up from a fellow fan.  Thank you fellow fan. 

It's fair to say that I, like millions of others, am a tad OCD.  Only a tad.  Parenthood and ahem, erm marriage prevents me from going hardcore.  I don't camp outside his house.  Indeed, I have no idea where he lives.  Assume London, in something housey or possibly apartmenty.  I'm absolutely sure he has some kind of shelter and I'm sure it's very beautiful.   

I haven't watched every film or TV programme he has ever made (yet).  I've heard absolutely no radio shows with him (again, yet).  (Hmph, call yourself a fan Hazel - you're barely browsing). I intend to watch / hear and otherwise experience more stuff but as I say, domesticity filters out full on fandom.  Sometimes Im lucky if I sneak in one adult sized leisure activity in between housework, parenting, job searching, exercising and collapsing into a much-needed slumber. 

I'm told there is a You Tube video of him reading The Little Red Hen.  I have a toddler.  I'm fairly sure I can slip that into her TV time and claim it to be valid educational material.  Mummy's happy.  Tiny toes is happy.  Win win.

I have never seen BC in a play.  I'd love to.  It has been too many years since I last visited the theatre.  I have a feeling that I'll see panto before I next see a play.  But you never know. 

I think I can add to my evolving to do list. 

  • Watch everything that has BC in.
  • Listen to everything that has BC in.
  • Watch a play.  Just generally, watch a play.  Because this is what cultured adult type people do.  And plays are nice.  Ideally, in a oh-so-perfect world, watch a play with BC in. 

What beautiful things to add to my to list. 


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