Wednesday, 21 May 2014

Green tea anyone?

So, I had a vague idea that green tea might be a bit good for you.  It contains caffeine but I'm given to understand that it has less naughty caffeine than tea and coffee.  I recall, from somewhere deep in my memory cells, that it has good things called anti-oxidants. I believe anti-oxidants or antioxidants (unsure) has frequent fights with something called free radicals.  This, unlike other forms of violence, is good.  Now free radicals are everywhere but they are not deemed omnipresent (like god who is also everywhere).  Free radicals, might be emancipated and they might not cost you a penny but they, unlike other free things, are NOT good.  Anti-oxidants, on the other hand, are good.  Thus green tea is kinda good.  But don't give it to your kids because it does contain caffeine. And children on caffeine is not something that we want to see. Think walls, bouncing off.

I'm an adult.  Well mostly.  I currently have a brew.  It is a green tea brew.  I usually drink earl grey or coffee but we are out of one and low on the other.  I am mum, I get tired, I can't make it throught the day without aids - and green tea is a socially acceptable and moderately mild stimulant-type aid.  

And green tea is a fairly healthy aid.  Winner.  Moreover, green tea is actually magic.  It can help weight loss!  Wow.  Obviously I haven't researched this in any depth.  In fact I haven't research it all.  I've pretty much just taken Authority Nutrition's word for it (see below).  But I'm sure it works.  If not, green tea is a pleasant, caffeine filled brew.

If the magic contained in green tea interests you, follow the link below.

Green tea anyone?

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