Sunday, 11 May 2014

To do list - feel the positive vibe of achievement

I've achieved two things from my to do list.  Granted, one was to make myself a cup of tea.  I've surpassed that one and then some.  I've two cups of tea, so far, today.  The other task was more labour intensive. 

I feel like an achiever.  I am an achiever.  I have achieved. 

Positive vibes are bouncing off this blog right now.  Can you feel them? 

I am serious.  Well, slightly serious.  Ticking or crossing things off a list is emotionally supported.  It is important to emotionally support yourself.  You are your own best-friend.  I know it's sounds happy clappy hippy (and why not, I lean that way) but seriously, TRY CREATING A TO DO LIST AND ACHIEVE FROM IT.  It works.


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