Monday, 12 May 2014

New old clothes - eco-creative

I created a to do list and decided to place it here on my blog.  One of the items on my to do list, was to tie bleach and / or dye a number of items from my wardrobe so that I could cover up and re-use all the clothes that are Milton damaged. 

Incredibly, in just a matter of days, I have already tie bleached 4 tops and 2 skirts!  I feel a sense of achievement here.  Tie bleaching my clothes combines creativity with re-using old stuff.  It's eco-creative!  Okay, so bleach isn't an eco product but compare that to throwing clothes away or adding to C02 production by buying new clothes.  Also, I've saved money (by not buying new clothes).  Moreover, and this is the clincher, I now have some clothes that look interesting and grungy rather than bland and mumsy. 

My clothes were becoming evermore mum-like.  Not because I am a mum but because my lovely mum has been mostly responsible for adding to my wardrobe.  A perpetual skint status means that I don't acquire clothes.  My children mostly reap the benefits of any extra money and that's exactly how it should be.  There simply isn't enough cash to extend my wardrobe.  Furthermore, if I do have money to spend, I'd rather spend it on gorgeous food or an evening out. However, my image has started to matter a little.  This is likely because the big 40 looms terrifyingly on the horizon.  The big 40 is no doubt responsible to my current super-charged exercise programme.  What a shame that 40 hasn't encouraged me to go on a diet too.  But as Ive hinted, I love good food - dieting is tricky for food lovers.

Anyhoo, I digress a tad.  Hmmnm, sooo unlike me (sarcasm alert).  Below you will see a picture of my first tie bleaching attempt.  Well, my first in a very, very long time.  I'm pleased with the outcome. Tie dye / bleach takes me back to my youth.  I used to live in tie dye and tassles.  I also lived in record shops.  Music and tassled skirts pretty much defined me in my 20s.  Obviously there is no point trying to turn back the clock.  Im kinda old and that's okay.  Yet I believe I can insert a little fun, arty style into my image.  I currently have green, blue, brown hair.  It will probably be pink, purple, blue, green very soon.  Self-expression is good. 

The tie bleached top:

There is a teeny tiny hand in the bottom right of the picture.  That's my daughter's hand.  The picture was taken seconds before she pulled the top off the chair and threw it across the room.  Cheeky monkey.


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