Saturday, 10 May 2014

The woman: Irene Adler to the power of three

So I draw your attention to three Irene Adler's.  There are more, of course but Im sticking with Adlers of the last decade. 

In no particular order:

Adler One

Adler Two

Adler Three

Which Adler do you prefer?  I like the bondage and leather of Adler Two.  I think it fits with the character
from Doyle's books and also reflects modernity.  Speaking aesthetically, Adler One just pips the other Adler's to the post.  I do like the Adler / Moriarty combo played by Natalie Dormer.  Ooooh so hard to choose a preferred Adler.  Hmmmm.  I choose Adler Three.  Yep, Natalie Dormer is my preferred Adler.  She plays the role well and is beautiful in a far away with the fairies way.

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