Tuesday, 27 May 2014

Poems of love: motherhood

I just found a poem in my draft posts.  I wrote it back in 2012.  Reading between the lines, it's probably fairly obviously about falling in love with my daughter. 

Loving your children is like finding your soul mate but bigger.  It's so much more than romantic love.  It alters who you are, and, for the most part, it alters who you are in the very best of ways.  I became much more than Hazel when I had my daughter.  Motherhood the best and hardest thing you will ever do.  It impossible to convey how it feels.  Holding your child in your womb for months, feeling them move and respond to your voice then following birth, holding them in your arms for the first time.  Hormonal craziness, sleeplessness, loss of independent self, tantrums and fear of losing them notwithstanding - motherhood is the most perfect thing.  Perfect with all it's flaws and challenges. 


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