Sunday, 11 May 2014

To do list!

This is a to do list. Well, it will be shortly, when I've finished the introduction.  I understand that having lists with items that you cross off, as each task is achieved, is very helpful.  It does useful things to the psyche.  It provides a constant sense of achievement.  Thus, I'm creating a public to do list.  Well, as public as my blog is, which might not be very public at all, apart from search engine robots and erm me! 

I'm not going to the number the list.  I'll tackle the activities in a random order.  A numbered list seems a bit like work rather than achievement and prioritsing is soooo difficult.   If potential employers are reading this, prioritising is sooooo easy.

- Watch the remaining 10% of Julie & Julia. I managed to watch some of it when my daughter was quite young.  Her early evening wake up meant I missed the end.  I've never got around to finding out what the end actually comprises of.

- Find a job.  This is an easy one.  Ill just go out and get one.  Gis a job!  Okay, I jest.  This one could take forever.  I think Ill watch Julie & Julia first.

- Make myself a cup of tea. Okay, arguably, this doesn't need adding to a to do list.  It's pretty easy to do and I do it all the time.  Yet, I can happily cross it off my list in about erm 3 minutes time so I'm keeping it on the list.  Watch this space..........I'm back and I made a coffee instead of a tea! Bonus.  I can have a cup of tea shortly.

- Contact various parenting magazines with a view to writing freelance for one or more of them.

- Hoover the bed.  Hoover the bed? Yep, hoover the bed.  No, I haven't taken leave of my senses.  The Eczema Society recommend that beds are hoovered once a week. My daughter has eczema and high incidences of reactions to dust. I hoover her (our) bed once a week.  I sometimes steam clean it too.  All the bedding is washed on a 60 degree setting.  If I miss a week, her skin responds accordingly.  Bummer. 

- Tie bleach and / or dye all my clothes that have milton damage.  Milton is a mild bleach. Parents tend to use milton for sterolising things.  Im a parent, I own milton and Im very very clumsy.  Thus, about 10% of my wardrobe has milton blobs on it.  I can't either justify or afford to replace these clothes.  It would be rather unethical and I lack the necessary pennies to buy new or even second-hand clothes.  Thus far, I have tie bleached a black top.  Now it's black / dark red.  It looks pretty good, in my view.  I have about 30 items of clothes to go.

- Visit my good friend Sam in Sheffield.  I've been trying to visit her for months.  This must happen.  It's on my to do list.  It will happen.

- Visit a cafe on my own and sip a mocha, as if I have all the time in the world.  No phone.  No timescales. No shouty toddler.  No children's activities. Just me and caffeine mixed with chocolate.  Oh and a book.  I haven't let the hours slip by in a cafe since my daughter was born.  In fact, I probably haven't since I met my husband.  I love love love alone time.  I never feel lonely.  I just feel comfortable and relaxed.  If I had decided to prioritise my list, this would be first.

- Swap round the cupboards in the music room.  We have a music room. Sounds impressive, it isn't.  It's also where we store clothes and dry laundry.  Currently we have broken cupboards and new, mostly empty cupboards.  I need to rectify this.  Being tidy means you can find things and you don't trip over quite as much.

- Tidy my daughter's playpen.  It's mostly toy storage now. She has reached an age where space is super important.  She dislikes barriers.  The playpen also needs hoovering / steam cleaning.....

- Following on from above - hoover / steam clean the above-mentioned playpen.

- Get creative.  Inspire my creative side by doing erm creative things.  This could be anything.  Poetry, painting, singing.  I've written poems before.  There are some on this very blog.  I enjoy painting.  Drawing is not my forte.  I lack any actual drawing ability whatsoever.  So, get creative, somehow and get creative soon.

This is my to do list.  It's work in progress. That's the point, of course.  So I will add more items and, notably, cross off items, as time happens.

I'm going to do one of these tasks within the next 2 hours.  2 hours, starting right now.  Again, watch this space.  (I can almost hear the search engine robots shake with excitement).


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