Saturday, 7 February 2015

We came, we conquered

Our London trip happened.  And what a memory it was.  I have grinned almost constantly from Friday afternoon until about now.  My face actually aches.  There were times today where my body shook with sheer excitement.  There are kids in Lego Land that are less bouncy-around-with-joy than I've been today. 

Why all the fuss?  Well, my amazing sister arranged for me and friends to embark upon a London trip, compromising of a Sherlock tour, dinner in The Sherlock Holmes pub and.........wait for it..............we actually saw the filming of the Sherlock special.  In other words, we saw Benedict Cumberbatch, Martin Freeman, Una Stubbs, Mark Gattis, Steven Moffat and Sue Vertue in real life.  Some of which, got up close and personal (well kind of). 

Mr Cumberbatch.  Oh how I wish my zoom worked

On set today: there was fake snow, people saying "action", production crew doing production crewy things, horse drawn carriages, a deerstalker, fake mustaches, Victorian attire, pretend smog that refused to move correctly and, have I mentioned, there was Benedict Cumberbatch!  Benedict Cumberbatch about 8 feet away from me.  Actually walking his long-legged stride.  Actually walking and sending charisma bubbles into the ether.  Martin Freeman did his John Watson walk, the one where he marches with purpose.  Like he's late for an appointment but isn't panicking.  Fellow fans will know what I mean.  Epic.   

The Watson Walk.  Martin Freeman taking a short break.

Moreover, I have spent time with some of my dearest friends, one of which, I hadn't seen for about a year.  My friends and I have laughed, chatted, drank and eaten.  Once or twice, I almost cried.  We have created memories that will ever remain some of the best I've had.

Mark Gattis posing with fans. Sherlock special set

In no particular order, thank you to mum, dad, Hayley, Gav, Liz, Nikki, Dani, Sam, Sarah.  (So sorry that Steph and Gaynor couldn't join us).  I love you all. 

Steven Moffat, pics with fans on the Sherlock special set

PS. Is Benedict Cumberbatch better in real-life? You can bet your boots he is.  That man is an absolute god. If my BC crush slipped away due to some real-life romantic interruptions, it's now back and better than ever.;) I'm not single, I'm mentally dating Benedict Cumberbatch. 

Sue Vertue Sherlock special.  Speedwell's Cafe

Quite a clear pic of Ben.  He was about 12 foot away :)

Una Stubbs, aka Mrs Hudson.  :)

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