Friday, 13 February 2015

The one ring

Okay so the ring to which Im referring isn't the one ring (that's gone to dust in the fires of Mordor).  The ring to which I'm referring is my ring, my own precious. Sorry, I've gone all LOTR again.  Ahem it's a ring that my mum gave to me today.  Years ago, unbeknown to me, my mum was going to give me a ring as a birthday present.  It was a ring she had once bought from Blue John Mines about 30 years ago.  A ring that I think once contained Blue John.  She lost the original stone so had an amethyst crystal added.  Once the ring had been altered, she wasn't sure it was good enough to give to me.  So rather than take it back to the jewelers, she put it in a box and forgot all about it.  There it has remained for around 10 years.  Today I'm wearing said ring.

It has come to me at a time when I'm becoming ever more spiritual.  I've been doing mindful meditations, angel rituals and other spiritual things.  From what I understand about crystals and their healing properties, amethyst is associated with increased spirituality and enhanced intuition.  I believe that this ring was meant to come to me now.  I wasn't meant to receive it earlier.  (Mock me you cynics, I dare you).  ;-) 

As Sam Baldwin said in Sleepless in Seattle - "what's that thing called when everything fits together".  In answer, he jokingly says "The Bermuda Triangle".  He jokes because his friend is pretending to fix him up with a demanding Architectural client.  It's also meant as a nod towards fate and destiny.  The actual answer to the question is synchronicity - when seemingly unrelated events just fit together.

As I step along my spiritual path and continue my life's journey.....I'll be wearing my amethyst ring.........


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