Thursday, 19 February 2015

A dream come true

Yesterday I was told that I'm a dream come true, which was nice (nod to The Fast Show).  I note that this person hadn't actually met me, beyond a brief visit to my dating profile.  Thus I was a dream come true based on my photographs and bio alone.  Needless to say he likely sent this message to more than one lady. Moreover, and perhaps unsurprisingly his enthusiasm for me was not mirrored by my enthusiasm for him. 

Although, coincidentally, each morning, I jump out of bed, and run, childlike, to the full length bathroom mirror, sweep back my perfect-not-at-all-dragged-through-a-hedge-backwards hair, pout at my reflection and say "damn Hazel, you're a dream come true".  Then I punch the air triumphantly and breeze about my day.   Yes.  Okay no but I am practicing self-love . Not self-worship, that would be most worrying but I am trying to see myself as lovely. 

So I suppose it is possible that this man really did deem me a dream come true.  Perhaps I should acknowledge his compliment, over the top though it be.


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