Sunday, 1 February 2015

Sensitive soul

My daughter is a sensitive soul.  I think that all children pick up on the moods of the people around them but I do feel that my little one is aware of things beyond her almost three years and beyond standard methods of thinking.  When I cry, she wraps her arms around me and says "don't cry mummy".  She also kisses my cheeks and says "all better know". It's rather beautiful.  Obviously I try to avoid crying in front of her but sometimes tears just arrive during troubled times.   

I also believe that she has a kind of second sight.  There have been numerous occasions, where she described an event before it happened.  She correctly identified that we would move to a house with a blue door and a red door.  When she made this statement, she was quite emotional and determined that she wanted to go to the house with the blue door and red door.  2 weeks later, we did exactly that.   

She identified that we would move to our current home before we were due to.  I was due to sign paperwork but we weren't due to move in that day.  She was resolute that we were going to the apartment on the day I signed the paperwork.  The estate agents handed me the keys on that day and we moved in. 

She described another event, that I can't describe on my blog but she said it would happen, and a few weeks later it did.

Most recently, she pointed to my chest and said "you haven't got a sticker".  We had just woke up and I've never worn any kind of sticker in bed (strangely enough).  I was bemused at her words but acknowledged her, smiled and changed the subject.  Later that day, I went to a course.  There was a delay getting her adjusted to the on-site Creche so when I got to my course, everyone was already wearing sticky labels with their name on.  I was too late to create one.  The sheet of labels was nowhere to be seen and the course had started.  Thus, I did the course without a sticker (as she called it).


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