Wednesday, 4 February 2015

London calling

My friends and I will soon travel to London, to partake in some Sherlock fun.  We will enjoy a BBC Sherlockian tour, a social gathering at Speedy's Cafe, dinner at The Sherlock Pub and, lest we forget, some hardcore dancing and beverage consumption.

Yes, it is finally upon us.   It's an event I've long waited for.  When it was arranged, it felt like an eternity away.  I recall the moment that my wonderful sister first suggested that we celebrate my birthday with a Sherlockian trip to London.  I was in something of a dark place at that time, and a Sherlock 40th Birthday celebration seemed like the light at the end of the tunnel.  Albeit a blooming long tunnel, with a faint glimmer of light on the edge of vision.  Time travels on and so that faint glimmer is now a luminous beacon.

The troubled matter of the last few weeks have, at times, caused me to loose sight of my Sherlockian London excitement.  Yes, I did lose my way a little.  But I'm back on track.

It's safe to say that I won't bag Benedict Cumberbatch during my visit - given that he is both engaged and soon-to-be-a-daddy but that won't stop me from swooning, if we were fortunate enough to stumble upon any Sherlock filming.  Though, sadly, I doubt we will.  I don't even know if filming has ceased.  (Hmph call yourself a fan Hazel).  Never-the-less, the prospect that we might bump into BC wearing his Deerstalker hat and adorned in Victorian dress, is more than enough to encourage my excitement.  In fact, as any Cumberbabe would agree, Ben in Victorian attire is quite enough to send a lady swiftly towards boiling point (and i mean that in a very very cheeky way).

London, Sherlock and quite possibly Lord Batch awaits.

PS. If we don't see BC, I'll just refer to my Mind Palace.  ;)


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