Friday, 20 February 2015


If we operate with compassion then we will be happier.  If we have compassion for others then we will feel a sense of calm.  Expect nothing in return, only feel happy to have compassion. Expectation leads to disappointment. True giving expects nothing in return.  True giving provides a sense of joy just by giving.

Send love to those that have hurt you.  Think of them kindly.  It can be hard to do this.  For some hurts, it can even seem impossible.  But do try.  The more kind, loving thoughts you have, the better you will feel.  The more act of kindness you give, the happier you will be.  However, don't expect thanks or for those acts of kindness to be returned.  Just move on.  Kindness will be returned when you're not looking for it. 

Hate only encourages more hate.  Pure love encourages more pure love.

Yesterday I discussed behaviour management in children.  Children thrive on attention. The attention can be positive or negative. When a child is applauded and acknowledged for doing something wonderful, they beam.  They also respond to shouting.  Generally they respond to shouting by continuing to behave in an undesirable way because they have attention.  Children mirror the actions of those they spend time with.  If you shout, they will shout.  If you demonstrate pure love and compassion, they too will demonstrate pure love and compassion.  In a sense, this continues into adulthood.  It is very hard to respond to a person who is shouting, with compassion.  It is very hard to feel a sense of love in times of turmoil.  It is very easy to respond to anger, with anger.  It is very easy to see something barbaric on the news then respond mentally with thoughts of hate towards to the people who have carried out terrible crimes.  You might even say it's understandable.

The world does not want a cycle of hate and horror.  The world needs a cycle of love and compassion.  Though it is difficult, respond to horror with thoughts of compassion.  Mentally send the perpetrators of terrible acts compassion.  Mentally encourage them to see the love they have lost from their hearts.  It might sound pointless but it isn't.  If it does nothing else, it will provide you with a sense of calm rather than a sense of anger.  

Have you ever walked into a room and picked up on an uncomfortable atmosphere?  Yet the room is quiet, the people in the room are watching tv or carrying out some domestic activity but there is a sense of awkwardness.  Perhaps those in the room have just had a huge argument.  Perhaps they have even come to violence.  They seem calm now but internally they are not calm.  They are doing normal things, they even smile, they say nothing but the sense of turmoil can be discerned.  What are we responding to here?  We are responding to negative feelings.  We are responding to energy.  This is because we are all connected.   We are all energy.  This being the case, by working on positivity, on compassion and pure love.  By sending positive feelings into a room, into the world - this is what we will create. 


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