Thursday, 19 February 2015


Yesterday eve I watched the film Lucy.  I'm fond of sci-fi and fantasy orientated films.  Indeed, these two are my genres of choice.  I'm also fond of films that depict strong women.   I did not expect to feel a greater sense of spirituality following the film, yet I do.  

I'm slowly strolling along a spiritual path.  I'm meditating more, savouring the moment, being mindful, carrying out angel rituals and listening to my inner wisdom.  I've long been open to spirituality but I'm becoming ever more open to it.  I didn't imagine for a moment that a Luc Besson film would encourage spiritual thoughts.  Without giving too much away, the film poses questions about the meaning of life.  It reminded me that we, human beings are connected to each other.  We are likewise connected to animals, to matter, to light, to trees and so on.  It highlighted that we are all cells trying to evolve. We are all trying to be more than we are.  

There were moments in the film of great horror and there were moments of great beauty.  Indeed these moments were often simultaneous in their portrayal - which reminded me that positive and negative forces are two sides of the same coin.

Through the film, I now wonder how much of the brain human's actually use.  Interestingly, the film posited a theory about cerebral capacity which I think echoes science fact.  Certainly, it would be interesting to see what people could actually do if they operated at 100%.  Perhaps we would be further enlightened.

The film also pointed towards a correlation between a more primal way of life and enlightenment.  This too was interesting, often the idea of a sophisticated society tends to be viewed as more evolved, as better.   The human's great technological achievements, our powers to 'harness' the world's resources, our complex social structures and our ever-present 'need' to acquire wealth, is seen, by some, as vital and the pinnacle of development.  Whereas those peoples more connected to nature, perhaps living a more tribal way of life are seen as under-developed.  Of course different discourse exists.  Many now see great merit in a more natural way of life.  American Indian or Aboriginal peoples, for example, are now esteemed by Western society.  

So Lucy has encouraged me further along my spiritual journey, an unexpected but welcome outcome to watching another great Besson film.  


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